Getting Started with VX Sport

  1. Install the VX Sport software from using the activation code found in your emails.
  2. Open up the VX Sport software on your PC and then plug your charging case to both mains power and the USB port on your PC. The first time you do this you will need to wait for the Charging Case drivers to install before plugging in your units. Once this is done plug your VX Log units into the case one at a time, letting them load up and appear in the VX Sport software on the manage tab. (Note: using the same USB port each time you use your Charging Case means you do not have to reinstall your drivers each time).
  3. Create your athletes and teams in the VX Sport software.
    • Ensure the team your athletes are in is set to the right sport to ensure accurate data recording.
  4. Issue your units out to your newly created athletes.
  5. Run a test session to check that you are comfortable with the operation of the VX Sport Equipment.
  6. You are now ready to run a full training session. We suggest following our day to day process guide.
  7. After you have run your session you will need to download your data.
  8. We recommend you at least trim the file of any unwanted data every time we download. (Like any data collected while the athletes are in the changing rooms)
  9. Once you have run a session and have downloaded the data to your computer, there are multiple ways to view it. A few of our recommendations are:
    • Dashboard – Gives you a quick overview of your selected metrics, showing you the top 2 athletes, middle 4 and bottom 2 athletes for each of your metric selections.
    • Summary Report – Great tool to help you engage with your athletes. Shows them two selected metrics of your choice over six customizable reports. It also shows you at a glance who is above or below the average to help you find any red flags for the session.
    • Training Report – Allows you to view large amounts of data, allowing you to select up to 250 metrics at once. Also can be used to export data to CSV for use in other templates you may use or further analysis in excel etc.
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