Suggested Day to Day Processes using VX Sport

Getting used to using athlete monitoring systems can be confusing and overwhelming, so we’ve outlined a basic day to day procedure below that will allow you to get the most out of your VX Sport system and ensure each day runs smooth. This is a way to get you started, but as you become more proficient you can adjust this process to suit you and your team’s needs.

  1. Take the GPS units out to the field/court you will be using for your session. If you have a VX Sport charging case it is easy to just take the whole case with you. Take the units out of the case and insert a green rubber plug into the top of each unit.
  2. If the GPS units are being used indoors, please skip to Step 3. Turn on all of your units and wait for the them to get a GPS lock (Solid Green GPS LED). Doing this ensures you get a good GPS connection, leading to more accurate data.
  3. Give each unit to it's corresponding athlete to be put in their vests ready for training.
  4. It is worth checking the heart rates on a few athletes before starting each session, especially if some have been having inconsistent results. Ensure the athlete is wearing their SmartVest with the HR monitor attached, then have the VX Log unit in either yours or the athletes hand. Ask them to stand still and take a few deep breaths. If the status light changed from red to green then we know it’s connected.
  5. If the Status LED does not change to green then please ask the athlete to:
    • Check the placement of the HR conductivity pads on the chest
    • Make sure the HR monitor and unit are the same sticker number
    • Make sure the SmartVest pads have been moistened
  6. Run your session as normal.
  7. After the session collect and turn off all units. Make sure they are all accounted for and athletes do not still have theirs inside their vest. Also make sure the HR monitor is removed from the SmartVest at this time.
  8. You can now go ahead and download your data.
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