Creating an Athlete or Team in VX View

Before you start using your VX Sport system you will need to define your athletes, and which team(s) they belong to. You can also apply player photos and team logos allowing you to add a personal touch and to make it easier to find your players.

It is best to create your team(s) first, then create your athletes and allocate them to your created team(s).

1. Select the "Athletes" button from the top menu.

2. Use the green + symbol in the upper right hand corner of the team/athlete boxes to begin adding an athlete or team.


3. Fill in your athlete/team details. Click on the silhouette to add an image for your player/team.

4. If you are creating an athlete you can also allocate the athlete to a previously created team from here. To do so, click the My Teams tab and select the Pick Team(s) button.


5. Select the teams you want the athlete to be added to and click save.

6. Finally, click save to save the athlete into your database.

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