Issuing your VX Logs

Before you use your VX Sport units for the first time each unit must be issued to an athlete.

The VX Sport unit will be issued to both an Athlete and a Sport. Setting the sport tells the GPS reciever which mode it should be in to give the most accurate results.

The GPS reciever inside the VX Sport units have multiple modes for calculating position and speed. Because of this is it essential to set the unit to the correct sport before using it.

Note: If you are using VX Live units, start at step 1, otherwise go to step 2.

1. Plug the VX Live Reciever into your PC, and wait for it to appear on the manage screen. Once it appears on the manage screen, unplug the reciever and move to step 2.

2. Select the “Manage” button from the top menu.

3. Use the checkboxes to select which units you want to issue. The checkbox at the top will select all units. Once you have selected your units, click the “Issue Device” button.


4. Set your Event, Location, Sport and Team. Your units will appear in the list underneath, where you can select an athlete to issue the unit to.


5. Click the “Issue” button, and you will be prompted to erase your units. If this is OK, click "Yes". Once units are successfully issued, there will be a message in the Details column for each unit. Click close to return to the software.

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