Viewing VX Live-Stream on a Mobile Device

VX Sport has just released a new way to view your LiveStream data on your mobile device.


To set up a live stream on your mobile:

  1. Set up a VX Live Session on your PC.
  2. Follow the instructions for Using VX Live-Stream to set up your benchmarks and/or rehab groups.
  3. Go to on your mobile device and enter in the 6-digit session ID code found in VX Live on your PC and click "View Session."
  4. On the main homepage you can see all of your athlete's listed as well as a quick look at their current heart rate and also their "progress" throughout the game so far. The progress bar uses whatever metrics you have set in Live-Stream as your progress metrics (max 5) and is calculated using the benchmarks you have entered in VX Live. It is shown as a number, with 100 signalling that an athlete has completed the equivalent to "one session" as all of the benchmarks have been completed. The number will start from 0 and continually rise throughout the session and can go above 100 depending on how much work an athlete has done.
  5. If you click on an athlete, it takes you to their stats page where you can get a better idea of what they have done throughout the session. In here you can see the athlete's current HR, max speed, plus a number of other metrics as well as their Progress score in comparison to the game average.
  6. Back on the homepage, you can filter the athletes by position and/or Status group to only see certain players. Plus you can sort athlete's by name, HR and Progress.
  7. Lastly, in the settings option you can change which metrics who would like to make up your "Progress" number and change the Refresh frequency from Normal (5secs) to Low (30secs) if required to lower data usage.


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