VX Omni Calibration


VX Omni™ builds on a heritage of our customers early success with indoor
monitoring, using a completely renewed and enhanced synthetic algorithm to provide GPS level tracking and analytics in a truly portable indoor/outdoor system.



To set up VX Omni to start recording accurate data, a simple one-off calibration must be performed by each athlete to relate their unique gait to the inertial sensor data. The calibration requires GPS as a reference source so the session must be completed outdoors on an athletic track or field and the VX units must have a GPS lock. All VX Log devices must be running the most up to date firmware which can be found here, and the users must ensure their VX Sport software is up to date.

  1. Issue your VX devices to the "Indoor Calibration" sport through the Manage Tab.
  2. There are multiple scenarios where a calibration can be completed.
    1. Devices can be calibrated during an outdoor game or training session (note: for this option, the session must have a large contribution of high intensity running above 15km/h (9mph), with athletes also reaching at least 90% of their max speed benchmark within the session. If there's not enough high speed running plus a full range of the athlete's speeds, you may get an inaccurate indoor calibration).
    2. The second option for the calibration is by doing our existing indoor calibration test. Instructions for this test can be found here. Note: for either option, the issued sport must be indoor calibration.
  3. Once the session has been recorded, download your VX Devices through the manage tab (just click the Save option, and do not tick the "Convert to Indoor box"). The athlete indoor calibration will be calculated in the background and saved to the athlete profile.
  4. Re-issue your devices back to an indoor sport (eg: Soccer - Indoor). Once issued to an indoor sport, devices will show the Indoor calibration tick in the manage tab and will now record calibrated indoor data.
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