Updating Firmware

1. Select the "Manage" button from the top menu.


2. Click the "Update Firmware" button.


3. Select all units that are to be updated and click Update (we suggest updating 10 at a time). You will be asked if you want to erase your units. Click Yes to proceed. Please note: Units must have a minimum battery charge of 3.91V to update firmware. If one or more units are unavailable to be selected it is likely their battery charge is less than 3.91V.


4. You will be prompted to choose a VX Sport firmware file. The most recent can be found attached at the bottom of this page. Click here to help determine what generation devices you have.


5. Once selected, the units will begin to be updated. Wait for the confirmation message to pop up indicating the units have been updated and please ensure that the units are not disconnected during this process. We recommend you wait a few more minutes for all units to finish rebooting. Once completed, you can use your units as normal.

Please contact us here if you require assistance updating your units firmware.


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