Running a Test Session - Outdoor

Before using your new VX Sport GPS units in a game or training, we recommend running a test session in order for you to check that all of your units are recording data properly and that you can download and view the data. Instructions on how to run a test session are as follows:


1.We recommend you take the units out to the middle of the field where you will be training, but this will work in any clear area outside without building or tree cover.

2. Turn each of your VX Sport units on by holding the power button down for 3 seconds.

3. When the unit is turned on it will start searching for GPS satellites to connect to. This may take a few minutes if it is your first time using these units in the general area. Once the GPS light at the bottom has turned green, you have a lock and will now be recording location data.

4. If you are monitoring using heart rates, we suggest running a test to ensure good heart rate connectivity. You can check that the HR monitor is being picked up by the corresponding GPS unit by watching the LED activity. The status LED will change from red to green when the monitor is recording good heart rate.

5. Leave the units on for about 10 minutes, making sure the GPS light is green. You can then power off each unit by holding the power button down for 3 seconds.

6. Start the VX Sport software on your PC and plug all units into the charging case, ensuring the correct amount are being displayed.

7. You can now download the data off all of your units.

8. If the data has downloaded successfully, you have completed your test session.


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