VX Omni FAQ's

Q: Does VX Omni work both indoors and outdoors?

A: Yes, VX Omni is designed to work effortlessly in both indoor and outdoor environments (including stadia), with no trade-off in accuracy or number of available metrics, no matter where you travel or train.

Q: What was the inspiration/purpose for creating this new product?

A: Most indoor athlete monitoring systems on the market require expensive equipment to set up, are not portable, and don’t offer users a full range of metrics. VX Sport set out to create a product which removed all of these barriers. Introducing VX Omni; a portable, accurate and affordable indoor athlete monitoring solution.


Q:  Is VX Omni portable?

A: VX Omni is a completely portable athlete monitoring system. Unlike LPS systems that require locally deployed infrastructure to determine the movement patterns of athletes, VX Omni does not need any set up beacons or any extra equipment. Making life on the road simple and stress free.


Q: What key metrics can be tracked using VX Omni?

A: Using a synthetic algorithm based on the IMU data from the VX Sport device, VX Omni allows for the full range of 360 VX Sport metrics to be calculated for use in indoor mode, including key performance measures such as accelerations, decelerations, and high-speed running.


Q: Is VX Omni for training purposes only?

A: No, VX Omni is designed to be used each and every time an athlete trains or plays. Thus, giving the coaching staff the most comprehensive look at the workloads and stresses the athlete is being put under.


Q: How accurate is VX Omni?

A: VX Omni is the most accurate indoor system to date, with GPS level accuracy.


Q: What equipment is required for setting up VX Omni?

A: VX Omni requires no extra equipment other than the devices themselves. To set up VX Omni to start recording accurate data, a simple one-off calibration must be performed by each athlete to relate their unique gait to the inertial sensor data. The calibration requires GPS as a reference source so the session must be completed outdoors on an athletic track or similar.

Q: How do I add VX Omni to my current device?

A: To upgrade your current devices to VX Omni, a firmware and software update is required. This is a free upgrade for our premium customers with the full VX Cloud software suite, or for a small fee per unit when using VX Pro. Please note, VX Omni is not available for VX Cloud Lite Customers. 


Q: What makes VX Omni better than VX Sport’s previous indoor tracking solution?

A: VX Omni uses a completely renewed and enhanced algorithm than previously. During the R&D process it was our major focus to get the high intensity movements correct, this allows for accurate recording of key high intensity metrics, where previously this was unavailable.



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