How to Change an Athlete Name in VX View

If you would like to permanently change the name of an athlete in your VX View database (in the situation of a name change/marriage), here is how to do so:

Alternatively if you would like a hand with this, please reach out to us at and someone can assist you.

  1. In the training tab, on the calendar select the start and end dates so that all of the athlete’s files are selected. Deselect all other athletes using the filters so that the only sessions selected in the bottom box are from the one athlete.
  2. Click Multi Export, select the VXS Archive option, then export and choose a file location and save. Please note depending on the number of sessions this athlete has; this will take some time.
  3. Once the export is complete, find the file in the directory you selected and edit the file extension. Changing the ending from “.vxz” to “.zip”. It will ask you to confirm the file extension name change, click yes.
  4. Right click on the zip folder and click “Extract All,” now open the extracted folder and open the csv file which will be at the bottom of the folder.
  5. Edit the “AthleteName” in column 3 for all rows in the csv with the new athlete name you would like to change the athlete to. You can edit the first row then copy the rows down all the way to the bottom. Once complete, save and close the csv.
  6. Inside the folder, select all (ctrl-A), right click and select “Send to > Compressed (zipped) Folder”. This will create a new zip file with everything inside the folder, find that file then edit the zipped folder’s file extension again changing from “.zip” to “. vxz”.
  7. In VX View in the athletes tab, create a new athlete with the same name as what you have called the athlete in the csv and then edit their benchmarks to exactly what you want them to be. If you skip this step the files that you import will use default benchmarks.
  8. In the manage tab, click Import Guest Data and select the vxz file you just created (will be inside the folder from earlier). This will reimport all of their files under the new profile along with their trims and splits intact.
  9. In the Athletes tab, find the old athlete and delete the profile which will delete all of their files along with it.


If you are using VX Cloud:

  1. Sync your VX View, then in VX Cloud under the “Manage Users” page under settings, find the athlete you are changing and click edit. Scroll back up to the top of the page, reselect the team they are in and select the newly created athlete you are changing them to and click confirm. This will assign them the right athlete when they are filling in wellness and RPE.
  2. Contact VX Sport Support team at to let them know the change you have made, and the software team will change the athlete in the cloud behind the scenes so that the swap has been complete.
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