Using the Step and Force Reports

Note: Step and Force Reports are only available on research grade VX Log models VX235/435 and VX350/VX550/WR5.

The Step Report gives you a in-depth look into an athlete's biomechanical loading during specific runs which can be used for analysis for improving performance and has also been used by medical staff in the return to play process for injured athletes.

For optimal and clear results, a "Run" in the step report must start and end with the athlete in a stationary and upright position for 4-5 seconds (that will trigger the start and end of the run). The run should also be performed in a straight line over a distance of no less than 10m.


The Force Report lets you view the raw accelerometer data traces, providing advanced analysis of the forces being applied to the body.

The X axis shows sideways left and right movements.
The Y axis shows forward and backwards movements.
The Z axis shows vertical up and down movements.

When the VX Log unit is standing upright on a flat surface, all axis' are at zero, and depending on the types of movement being applied the data from each axis will fluctuate above and below the zero line.

A run when then unit is worn in the correct orientation (upright with label facing away from the body) should look like this:


Here are some examples of the unit in the wrong orientation which will affect indoor recordings as well as the raw accelerometer data:

Unit upright but label facing into the body:


Unit upside down with label facing away from the body:


Unit upside down with label facing into the body:


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