VX Cloud - RPE Dashboard and Using sRPE

Coaches and athletes now have the option to set up "Sessions" in VX Cloud for athletes to fill in RPE scores. This is useful if a team has multiple sessions in a day, OR if an athlete completes a session(s) on their own either during season or in off-season, meaning the coach can continue to track their athletes outside of organised team training's.

There are two different scores shown in the RPE Dashboard: RPE & Session-RPE (sRPE).

Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) is a way of measuring intensity level during activity. Perceived Exertion is how hard you feel like your body is working (score between 1-10). Best practice is to be done immediately after the activity has finished. If multiple sessions are completed in a single day, the scores for all sessions will be shown in the athlete boxes on the RPE Dashboard, and the average RPE score will be shown in the large circle and plotted on the graph on the Wellness Dashboard. 

sRPE is calculated as RPE x Duration and is an estimation of an athlete's overall load. The sRPE's for all sessions are summed to give a total athlete sRPE score for each day. The athlete's box on the RPE dashboard shows their total sRPE as well as their scores in graph and list view in comparison to the coaches target.

When a coach sets up a session for their team, they will enter the RPE score in which they believe most represents the session intensity (1-10), as well as the session duration to calculate a Coach-sRPE. The Coach-sRPE is shown at the top of the RPE Dashboard and the athletes total sRPE scores in the large circles are colour coded in relation to the coaches score, giving coaches an easy way to see which athletes are over and under the score they have set. The colours are as follows: Grey - <80%, Blue - 80-90%, Green - 90-120%, Red - >120%


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