Coach - Setting Up Dropbox File Requests and Importing Files for Remote Training [ G4 & G5 Units ]

Please note - this tutorial applies to teams with VX Units: VX75, 95, 105, 235, 305, 350, 175, 195, 205, 315, 435, WR5, WR5L, and 550



    1. Go to – from the home page click File Requests on the left hand menu
    2. Select Request Files on the right-hand menu
    3. Give your file request a name, choose a folder for the requested files to be uploaded to, and click next.
    4. You can either copy your link to the clipboard to manually paste into an email, or you can have Dropbox send emails for you. We have created an easy guide for athletes to follow, and have included an email template you can copy at the bottom of this email
    5.  As your athletes submit files via the Dropbox link you provide, you will be able to see them on both the Web and on the Desktop if you have Dropbox installed. Installing Dropbox will make it easy to import files into VX – more information can be found here: 
    6. In the VX Application, select “Import Guest Data” and then select all of the files in your Dropbox request folder – these will be .vx2 files.
    7. Continue to import files as normal – more information on this process can be found here:
    8. Once your file import is complete, delete all of the files in your Dropbox request folder, ready for your next batch of sessions. Don’t worry, once they’ve been imported into the VX Sport software, they will have been copied into your VX View folder, there is no risk in deleting the files in the Dropbox folder.


Email Template for Athletes - Please add in your own Dropbox link:


Hi Team,


You’ve been given a VX Sport athlete monitor to help track your trainings while we are not able to be together. As part of this, you will need to upload your files to Dropbox in order for us to process the data and calculate your results.

 Our Dropbox file request link is YOUR LINK HERE

You can find details on how to upload files from the VX Sport monitors here:


Thank you!

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