G5 Heart Rate Monitor Pairing Process

To re-pair the VX unit, take it to an isolated room (away from other HR monitors and bluetooth devices) and follow these steps:

  • Hold the on button for 3 seconds until the Mode LED turns on, it will be a dim red colour and will stay on for around 10 seconds before turning off momentarily.
  • All of the LED's will then turn on at full brightness, the LED's will then dim and at this stage the unit is ready to be paired with a heart rate monitor.
  • To initiate pairing mode, immediately hold the on button for 1 second. The Status LED should begin flashing Orange (meaning it is now searching for a HR monitor). Once a HR has been detected the Status LED should turn Solid Red.
  •  Within a minute or so, the Status LED should turn solid Green - meaning the two devices are synced.
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