Setting Benchmarks in VX Training Load

Please note - VX Training Load tool will not open unless you have data in your VX View program.

We recommend completely setting up your VX View program first before using the training load program.

1. Open up the VX Training load program on your PC. 

2. Go to the "Set Benchmarks" tab along the left hand toolbar.


3. From here click "Change Metrics" to adjust what metrics you would like to include in your overall training load. Each metric you choose will be included in the pie chart on the right hand side of the page.


4. Depending on how important you consider each metric you can adjust the number in the drop down box (5 being of highest importance and 1 being the least). The size of the area on the pie chart for each metric corresponds to this number.


5. You can also adjust the benchmark for each metric by typing in the box to the right. If you are new to athlete monitoring the default numbers are a good place to start although as you progress you may like to change these to represent your team's averages.


6. Click "Save Changes".

7. Your team benchmarks will now be updated and your training load graphs and figures should be updated with these benchmarks.



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