Changing Default Benchmark Levels

You are able to customize the default benchmark levels as well as the zones used for speed and heart rate.

The Benchmark Levels are defaults only, they will only apply to newly created athletes. The Speed and Heart Rate zones are applied to all athletes in the system.

You may choose to change your benchmarks and zones to better suit the needs of your athletes.

1. Select “Settings” from the top menu.

2. Select “Athletes” from the left hand menu in the Settings pop up box.


3. The Benchmark Levels will can be changed here, and will apply to any new athletes that are created. To change an athletes benchmarks after they have been created you must edit the individual athlete.

  1. You can change how the speed, heart rate, acceleration, sprint, metabolic power, and jump zone bands are split. These will apply across the software for all athletes and cannot be changed on an individual basis.
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