VX Log Battery Information

Charge the internal battery in your VX Log™ by connecting the VX Log to either a PC, Charging Case or powered hub.
The battery charges in around 3 hours to 90% capacity. Your PC normally must be on to allow USB port to supply power.

The lithium ion battery in the VX Log is good for between 300 to 500 recharging cycles. To obtain best battery life you should recharge your battery when it gets to about half capacity.
Do not recharge your VX Log unnecessarily. The battery will hold its charge well.

Every few months you should run your battery down to a low level then fully charge for 12 hours. Although lithium batteries do not have a “memory”, it can help to improve the battery life.

If you do not use your VX Log for an extended time it will eventually go flat. The VX Log has a battery low-level protection device. Caution: if the battery is not charged for more than a year there is a possibility of permanently damaging it.

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