Exporting Data FAQ's

1. When I open .csv in Excel, some duration metrics are formatted in [h]:mm:ss

Microsoft Excel imports data in its own way and unfortunately duration related VX metrics can be imported in the unfriendly format of [h]:mm:ss. Whereas some duration related VX metrics can be imported in the preferred h:mm format.

The following instructions can be followed to ensure Excel retains the formats of our exported .csv files:

  1. Open the CSV file as text (notepad)
  2. Copy it (ctrl+a, ctrl+c).
  3. Paste it in a new excel sheet -it will all paste in one column as long text strings.
  4. Choose/select this column.
  5. Go to Data- "Text to columns...", on the window opened choose "delimited" (next). Check that "comma" is marked (marking it will already show the separation of the data to columns below) (next), in this window you can choose the column you want and mark it as text (instead of general)

**Manually open export into excel. File + Ctrl + double-click file (csv). Will automatically do Step 5.

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