Validation test of VX Sports GPS device for measuring movement demands of team sports

Coutts & Duffield (2010) have previously shown that GPS devices have an acceptable level of accuracy for total distance (<5%) and reliability for peak speed. They tested three different models in the GPSports product range on a circuit previously shown to simulate the movement demands of team sports (Bishop et al. 2001). Two moderately trained athletes each completed 8 bouts (6 X 128.5m laps) of the circuit while wearing a pair of each different GPS device. All GPS devices recorded distance and speed data at 1Hz during each lap. 20m sprint time was measured at the start of each lap by timing lights. All devices were within 5m of the actual lap distance and had a good level of reliability (coefficient of variation (CV) <5%. The GPS peak speed was correlated with 20m sprint time for all devices (r= -0.40 to -0.53, P<0.001). We recreated the same study using the VX Log 100 from the VX Sports range of GPS devices. The VX Log 100 device recorded distance and speed data at 4Hz during each lap.

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