Moving VX Sport Software

If you are wanting to move your existing VX database to a new computer....


On the original computer

Go to File Explorer > Documents and copy the entire VX View folder onto a USB drive. (if you don't want to move your existing VX data and you'd prefer to start a fresh database on the new computer - skip this step).


Next deactivate your software licence by:

1. In the VX Sport open Settings > About from the left hand menu. Write down your Activation Code

2. Then click Move Licence and proceed to deactivate the VX Sport software


On the new computer

1. Copy across the VX View folder from the USB to the Documents folder on the new computer.

2. Download the VX app from using the Activation Code you wrote down.

3. Proceed to install the software.

4. Once program has been installed, open it. The "database migration" will begin and you will be prompted with the following message:



5. Click YES

6. VX app should then open with all your existing data

7. If you have any issues email us at



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