Date & Time Function in Indoor.

If the battery in your VX Sport units goes completely flat, there is potential for the internal clock to be reset, causing your files to be imported into a incorrect date.


To set the internal clock back to the correct date, you must plug the unit into your computer and ensure the unit appears in the VX Sport software. Failure to do this after the battery has been fully depleted will result in your sessions being recorded on 2/2/2012.



Tips to avoid this from happening.

- Charge your VX Sport units after each session if possible.

- If it's possible a unit has run dead, ensure you connect to the VX Sport software before next usage.


If this does happen, please contact us at for further assistance. You will need to be able to provide us the dates from which the data has recorded incorrectly, which we will then be able to fix after we get the files from you.


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